Are you thinking of enjoying music? Dance your own moves? Want to meet up with wonderful people? You have come to the right place!

Biodanzalife is about bringing you

  • Joy
  • Dance exercises that will stimulate your health
  • Well-being
  • Personal development.


The "Bio" is derived from the Greek "Bios" meaning life.
The word "dance" in the French sense means fully integrated sense movement.
Biodanza works from positives, health, and discovering new ways of expressing your identity. It Poses a clear method for integration between feeling, thinking and doing.

Dance dissolves borders

Our lessons are in Dutch, as most of our participants speak Dutch.
But it will not be a problem for you because..

In Biodanza exercises we speak as little as possible.
We demonstrate every dance before we let you try it. Seeing is doing.

We encourage you to ask for translation by a fellow participant when something is not clear.
We have participated in many international workshops where that is regular practise.
For example translation from Spanish to English. Many songs we use have a Latin origin.

We ourselves have more then once taught Biodanza in English before (when the majority of participants were foreigners).

Why not expand your knowledge of the Dutch language while you are enjoying Biodanza!
You are welcome to come for a try out at one of our workshops.

Weekly workshops

We dance weekly on Mondays from 19.30 till 21.30 o'clock in Wijkcentrum De Geus, Geuzenweg 84 Hilversum.

The door is open and a cup of tea is ready for you from 19.15 o'clock..

There are over 10+ people in this group, most of them attend every week. Men and women from every age group.

All year round we organize special events. Check out our event calendar on the home page for coming day & weekend workshops!

Students and expatriates

We love to have new (international) women.

When you like it, we ask you to attend at least five consecutive times. Group members invest in mutual trust and connect with you.
This way you can experience the harmonizing effects Biodanza has on your daily life..

Send us an email to let us know you want to participate or give us a call to talk about your questions.

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